Services to address the needs of a new economy based on autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles and solutions for Smart Cities based on the Internet of Things (IoT).

Electric vehicles

We are working on improving the charging infrastructure, parking solutions, optimising the power source that the electric car will be and making best use of the owner infrastructure to optimise return on investment.

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Autonomous vehicles

We are working on services based on autonomous vehicles and services for owners and fleet operators of autonomous vehicles, address the challenges they will face of the last few decametres (its no longer the last mile solution).

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Smart Cities

We provide Internet of Things (IoT) based solutions to work with local governments to deliver enhanced Smart services to citizens, efficient delivery of local public services and to deliver transport justice.

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Consulting Services

Do you need support to develop your strategy for Smart Cities and the coming disruption in transportation through Transportation as a Service (TaaS) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS). We work with small cities to assess your needs and suggest solutions to optimise resources and get you future ready.

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